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Use reflective Delineator Panels to mark the edges of roads and driveways and choose Engineer Grade reflective aluminum for standard 500' visibility or High Intensity reflective aluminum for 1000' visibility and added safety. The manifold anti-slide system on the bottom of each unit ensures an excellent laying stability on the road surface. It can be easily exchanged after abrasion. 



Bollard covers are Manufactured using a 1/8" thick High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with stronger intermolecular forces, tensile strength and solvent resistance. They contains ultraviolet additives that resist fading and it withstands extreme temperatures.


  • Guaranteed to be fade resistant for 6 years - longest in the industry!

  • Quick, easy installation and secure fit

  • Durable, flexible HDPE plastic designed to absorb impact

  • Protects both vehicles and structures from expensive damage

  • Two recessed reflective stripes increase visibility and safety

  • All colors are available with or without taped stripes


Delineator posts effectively guide traffic on the road, parking lots, bike lanes, and other places to prevent collisions. The B51 is easily movable with a weighted removable base to secure posts in place.

  • T-Top Handle for easy handling, with molded bolt hole for flashing light

  • 2" & 4" Reflective Collars for added visibility

  • 6.8KG Octagon Base


The B54's are molded with polyethylene that will stand up to numerous hits and cold weather. Thin strong and resilient shell is easily popped out to original shape, ready for re-installation. Three times for durable and impact resistant. Easily stackable and available with 16" tire base.

The B52 Channelizers are molded with density durable plastic that withstands impact hit after hit and is a stackable 2-piece design. Made with a recess handle for easy placement and can accommodate barricade flasher (optional).


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