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B54 Channelizers

B54 Channelizers

SKU: B54
  • Molded from linear low density polyethylene
  • Stand up to numerous hits and cold weather
  • 2 piece channelizer drum
  • Meets and exceeds MTO TC-54 Specification
  • Thin strong and resilient shell is easily popped out to original shape 
  • Ready for re-installation
  • Three times for durable and impact resistant
  • Easily stackable 
  • 40” Barrel (100cm) 3kg barrel made from polyethylene plastic with high intensity reflective sheeting
  • Size: 1000MM x 40CM or 1000MM x 38CM (15" or 16" diameters)
  • Product Policy for "Non-Stocks"

    This is a custom item available upon request, please inquire regarding minimum order quantities and lead times.

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