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3M Diamond Grade (DG) Signs - Provide superior brightness and angularity, highly reflective, wide-angle, primatic material, higher nighttime brightness than sheeting that uses glass bead lenses. Supports smooth traffic response with 24-hour conspicuity and early driver recognition with long lasting fluorescent color.

High Intensity (HI) Signs - The High Intensity Roll-Up Sign consists of retro reflective micro prisms formed on a flexible, glossy and UV-stabilized polymeric film. This sign sheeting is designed to provide higher nighttime sign brightness. 


Roll up signs offer full size signage, visibility, easy install, and minimal storage and are NCHRP-350 compliant when used with compliant stands. There are several legends and standards available as well as custom signs upon request.



Sign stands provide easy visiblity of roll up signs. They are light weight, easy to carry and position on the road. The stands meet the MUTCD specifications and are NCHRP-350 compliant. 

Our ESF series of stands and kits feature extension spring loaded stands designed to that will hold roll-up signs that have a 1-1/4" square aluminum vertical mast. Stands, stand and mast kits, and masts only are available.

Our ESFR series of stands and kits features and extra heavy duty extension spring system which provides stability in windy conditions. Stand comes equipped with a bracket set for rigid signs and roll ups can be displayed with the purchase of a bracket.



The WorkZone Interlock PVC Traffic Cone is able to sustain a substantial amount of weight while not losing colour. It is used for re-routing, barricading, visibility, and much more. All cones meet MTO Spec TC51B with options of several sizes, collar options, and base options.

WorkZone offers several sizes of PE cones along with EVA cones, both made for cold, UV, and weather resistant plastics. Create barricades with the black and yellow striped adjustable cone bar or reduce your carry load with collapsible traffic cones.

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All barricades, delineators, and channelizers meets MTO standards to provide durable, long-lasting barricades for several construction scenarios. They act as reflective barriers to re-route traffic, protect workers, and make drivers aware of their surroundings.

Easily barricade a work zone with the t-top delineator post (candlestick), stackable delineators, collapsible chevron channelizers with direction arrows, and our B-52 and B-54 light weight barrels and tire bases.

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Flares are used for signaling, illumination, or defensive countermeasures in civilian and military applications. Flares provide maximum illumination over a large area. All flares meet transport Canada requirements.

Reliable, economical, and an easy way to protect police officers, fire and road crew and the general public. Flares prevent one accident from turning into another. The intense red glare provides maximum visibility in all weather conditions and does not require batteries.


There are several accessories available for each of our traffic safety products that help illuminate, create greater barriers, store products, add additional safety features, and reduce cost.

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