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Removable speed humps are a great way to slow down traffic in high concentrated areas such as residential streets and parking lots. Their main purpose is to calm traffic and improve safety conditions. 

Speed Humps are made from durable recycled tire rubber with yellow EPDM coating.The yellow/black rubber will not fade, fall, or crack under any conditions and environment. WorkZone provides 2-year quality assurance for all yellow EPDM rubber coated Speed Humps.



Wheel chocks are a must-have for any loading dock environment. Wheel chocks can save lives in the event a trailer begins to roll or shift while loading or unloading. This molded rubber wheel chock is sloped to increase holding capacity by allowing truck tires to roll on the chock face. The chock comes with rubber handle for convenient carry. 

Wheel stoppers or wheel chocks are fabricated from premium quality recycled rubber with high resistance to severe impact & brutal weather conditions. They help regulate the layout of your residential roads and parking lots. 



Signage is important aspect of safety within parking lots. Providing the proper signage is required by law in several municipalities in Ontario and throughout the other provinces.  WorkZone offers several of the signs required in parking lots, school zones, and drive thru's from handicap signs to clearance bars. 

Looking for customized or non-Ontario signs? Contact your sales representative for a price and availability.

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