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Stackable Delineator Panel

Stackable Delineator Panel

  • Vertical Panel Channelizers Easily picked up with oversized handle with comfort grip
  • Include flashing light mounting receptacle
  • Recessed panel protects sheeting
  • Stackable saves space in use, in transit and in storage
  • Designed to withstand repeated impacts and minimize damage to vehicles
  • Oversized handle with comfort grip can be picked up easily, even with light attached
  • Easy grip carry handle
  • Stackable with or without base
  • High gravity molded rubber base
  • Very visible and space efficient barricade.


Height: 1100MM

Panel Width: 300MM

Base Weight: 11kg

Total Weight: 13kg

Bottom Size: 500x500MM


  • Product Policy for "Non-Stocks"

    This is a custom item available upon request, please inquire regarding minimum order quantities and lead times.

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