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Anti Glare Panel 800mm

Anti Glare Panel 800mm

SKU: AGS-800
  • Flexible PVC materials, Flow molding
  • Made from PVC plastic to be durable and light for easy transportation
  • Will not fade and rust because of the unique material
  • High flexible PVC protect both product itself and vehicles to be impacted and damaged
  • Combined triangle structure with connection on the top each other ensure itself so stable ,especially in the bad weather, such as typhoon
  • With good appearance just like a walking man and green body will ease the drivers and make the drive comfortable


Height: 800MM

Width: 200MM

Thickness: 50MM

Weight: 1.0KG

  • Product Policy for "Non-Stocks"

    This is a custom item available upon request, please inquire regarding minimum order quantities and lead times.

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